Skin Care For Elderly People

Elderly people and their caregivers should know about elderly skin care. It is essential to realize some of the common traits, problems and solutions. Elderly individuals will have some specific issues that have to be recognized and treated effectively. This page will help you care best for elderly skin.

Elderly Skin Traits

The most frequent factor among elderly skin is the fact that it is commonly always dry. The reason for this is as we mature, the skin we have starts to thin. As it thins, it is less able to retain moisture, thus resulting in dried-out skin.

Dried-out skin can result in problems in a child, but can lead to even more trouble for the aged. The thin skin is easier torn, and that lets bacterium get in. Seniors have a harder time fighting bacterium off, so you don’t want anything to improve their chances of infection.

Treating Elderly Skin

Elderly skin care will always include looking after dried-out skin. Treating dried-out skin is not hard; it only takes astute attention and getting in the habit of taking care of it.

Here’s how you do it.

Keep It Clean: Always keep clean skin. This applies especially to the feet, groin, under areas and armpits. Individuals who sweat should wear loose, absorbent clothing that will wick the wetness away. If skin stays wet too long, it can become susceptible to fungal infection, rashes and even become extremely dry.

Nonetheless, avoid hot baths or too frequent showering/bathing. This will dry-out skin out further. Warm water is the most effective, and bathing every other day is more than likely the commonest to get.

Cream based cleansers for face and body are perfect. Often, only localized areas have to be soaped; the remainder of the body may be flushed with warm water. Avoid very bubbly products, as the normally contain harsh detergents that dry out skin.

Keep It Hydrated: Keeping dried-out skin hydrated is the best way to avoid potential problems like cracking, pain and itchiness (which we’ll discuss below). After showering or bathing, lather all over with a thick hydrating cream. This’ll help seal in the body’s natural moisture, and help skin be easier.

For the day, invest in a heavy-duty moisturizer with sunscreen. In the evening, utilize a hydrating night cream before going to bed.

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